CyrusOne: CyrusOne joins the orchard initiative

Mar 18, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

As more and more companies in the digital infrastructure sector realize the efforts required to change the trajectory of our planet’s path, more are joining different eco projects to contribute to the transformation. CyrusOne is one of these companies and has announced that it has joined Host in Ireland’s 'Orchards in the Community' initiative. Through this initiative, which is part of the DCs for Bees initiative, the company has planted several orchards near Dublin I data center campus.

Mark Moloney, director of interconnection solutions and sustainability at CyrusOne, commented that the project will offer an “incredible lifeline to the bee population across Ireland,” adding: “The fact we’re taking this nationwide is really exciting.” 

Speaking about the motivations behind the project, Dr. Úna FitzPatrick, co-founder and project manager of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan, said: “Orchards in the Community is helping to create ‘pollinator pit stops’ across the island. One third of our 99 wild bee species are at risk of extinction. Each year as they flower, these orchards will provide them with vital food. In return, by pollinating the flowers, the bees will ensure we have lots of fruits to enjoy in the autumn.”

Commenting on the importance of projects such as this, Garry Connolly, founder of Host in Ireland, said: “Orchards have played an important role in communities for many centuries, providing a focal point, a gathering space, and a place where people and nature successfully work together to create abundant harvests. That spirit of community is alive and well with ‘Orchards in the Community’ as organizations like CyrusOne come together with biodiversity groups, schools, colleges, Tidy Towns and others across Ireland to tackle challenges like biodiversity loss to save Ireland’s pollinators.”