CoreWeave: CoreWeave to launch data centers in mainland Europe

Jun 10, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Quantum computing startup Atom Computing has secured a funding investment of 70 million DKK ($10.21 million) from the Danish government. State-owned EIFO, the national promotional bank and export credit agency of Denmark. Invest in Denmark, also involved in the deal, is part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

“Denmark has already established itself as an important player in the international quantum industry,” said Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Morten Bødskov. “It is with pride that we have managed to succeed in making Denmark an attractive country to locate a business. It is evidence to the fact that the visions of the current administration’s quantum strategy makes a tangible difference and creates new partnerships as well as international collaboration.”

“Atom Computing is excited to partner with Denmark due to the country’s continued investment in quantum research coupled with the clear motivation from academia, government, and industry to advance the field of quantum computing out of the labs into deployment,” said Rob Hays, CEO of Atom Computing. “We believe this partnership advances the national strategic imperatives of both our countries.”