CoreSite Santa Clara Campus: CoreSite Adds New Amazon Web Services Direct Connect Endpoint at their SV2 Site

Jan 18, 2019 | Posted by Eric Bell

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CoreSite Realty Corporation (NYSE:COR), a premier provider of secure, reliable, high-performance data center and interconnection solutions across the U.S., today announced availability of a second native point of connectivity to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect at CoreSite’s Silicon Valley data center campus. This deployment at the CoreSite SV2 data center in Milpitas, CA supports the new logical redundancy capability of AWS Direct Connect. Through AWS Direct Connect, CoreSite customers can establish private, enterprise-grade connectivity to AWS through a fiber interconnect or through the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange.

With the addition of AWS logical redundancy capability, CoreSite customers can improve resiliency by establishing two logical Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) peering sessions with two AWS devices over a single physical AWS Direct Connect connection. With this functionality, if one peering session goes down or if one of the AWS devices is out of service for maintenance, customers will not lose connectivity to AWS. Logical redundancy does not replace the need to have physical resiliency, per the resiliency recommendations in the AWS guidelines. Prior to this launch, customers would need to have leveraged both CoreSite and another AWS Partner Network (APN) provider to achieve location redundant physical resiliency over AWS Direct Connect. Now, with two native endpoints in Silicon Valley, CoreSite customers can achieve the same level of resilient connectivity in two separate CoreSite data centers. CoreSite’s platform leveraging AWS Direct Connect is an ideal combination that enables hybrid cloud architectures to improve network performance, reduce operating costs and increase security.

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