Colt Data Centre Services: Colt Data Centre Services' new London 4 data center in Hayes to have sustainability focus

Mar 06, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Colt Data Centre Services has announced that it has broken ground on its new London 4 campus, located in Hayes. The company has outlined that the site will include two five-story buildings with a combined capacity of 57 MW, containing 18 data center halls across 30,000 sqm (322,900 sq ft).

The site, the company's largest in the UK, will see an injection of 'more than £100 million' ($120.5m), will also incorporate sustainable elements, such as wall-mounted solar panels, with a collector area of 204 sqm (2,195 sq ft). Bio Solar Panels will be installed on the roofs of both buildings to provide a further 120 sqm (1,291 sq ft) of solar panel coverage.

Niclas Sanfridsson, CEO at Colt DCS, said: "We are extremely excited to announce the ground-breaking of our newest data center in London. We worked closely with the local community and stakeholders through the planning process to intricately shape all aspects of this development, to outline the economic benefits it will bring, and to explain the critical role that data centers play in all of our daily lives and most importantly what opportunities this brings for the local communities."

Meanwhile, Richard Wellbrock, VP of Real Estate at Colt DCS, commented: "Colt DCS will operate the data centre once it is complete, we very much see ourselves as part of the local community. That's why we wanted to share this significant moment with all the key stakeholders we have worked with along the way, including local schools and other neighbours with whom we are building long term partnerships to deliver social value in the area. This is truly an exciting journey for us all."