Cologix: Cologix to bring AWS outposts to Vancouver data centers

Mar 21, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Cologix has announced that customers can now deploy AWS Outposts at its VAN3 digital edge data center. The facility is a 42,000-square-foot data center, the region’s largest neutral data center. Through this addition, customers in Cologix’s Vancouver data centers will be able to connect to AWS cloud services through AWS Direct Connect cloud onramps via Cologix Access Marketplace. This, the company outlines, allows for “fast, secure, on-demand and software-enabled interconnections.” 

Cologix’s Chief Revenue Officer, Chris Heinrich, commented: “We’re thrilled to bring AWS Outposts to our data centers in Vancouve. Our customers and the Vancouver market as a whole will benefit from access to AWS capabilities within our Cologix facilities.”

Meanwhile, Cologix’s Head of Product Peg Hallberg called the move a “major addition” to its offerings in Vancouver for end-to-end connection to AWS services for Cologix customers.” He added: “We now provide Vancouver’s only colocation and connectivity solution with access to AWS Direct Connect cloud onramps and the ability to deploy to AWS Outposts.”

Hallberg outlined: “Cologix customers can securely connect their AWS Outposts to AWS Regions via Cologix’s hosted AWS onramps with low latency, high availability and cloud adjacent private connectivity. 

He added: “These connections provide companies local access to local workloads previously only available in the cloud. AWS Outposts customers can be assured that their data is kept secure in a Cologix facility. This capability to use AWS cloud services inside Cologix’s Vancouver data centers is a reflection of our commitment to give our customers the best options available to grow their businesses at the digital edge.”