CloudHQ: CloudHQ Begins Construction of 80MW 1.5 Million Square Feet Data Center Campus in Illinois

Aug 29, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

CloudHQ has announced that it has begun constructing a new facility in Mount Prospect, Illinois. Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd), an energy provider, said the (140,000 square meters) 1.5 million square feet data center campus would cost $2.5 billion. The first phase of the development is already underway. CloudHQ bought the land in late 2021. The plan is to demolish most of the former United Airlines site and develop three data center buildings. Each of these buildings will span 52,000 square meters (560,000 square feet) and provide over 80MW of capacity.

ComEd revealed that the first building would be completed in 2024. The other two buildings will also come online after three or five years. The COO of CloudHQ, Keith Harney, said: “CloudHQ is excited to be bringing this hyperscale development to the Village of Mount Prospect. The location, scale, and speed to market of our ORD Campus reinforces all we strive to achieve, as partners to our customers. The demand we see for this location is already extremely encouraging, and will be supported by a new dedicated on-site ComEd substation that will allow us to scale to power future customer demand.”

ComEd will be responsible for delivering an on-site substation on the site. It will also extend high voltage lines while providing new technology investments to support the development of CloudHQ.