North Carolina: Brunswick County, North Carolina, authorizes two containerized data facilities for schools

Aug 23, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

The Brunswick County Board of Commissioners in North Carolina has approved Schneider Electric's proposal for two containerized data centers. The agreement, first proposed in March 2023, stipulates that Schneider Electric will provide two prefabricated data centers to the institutions of Brunswick County for a maximum of $2.5 million by March 2024.

The containerized data centers will measure approximately 25 ft by 12 ft by 12 ft and will be housed separately, one on the coast and the other at North Brunswick High School. Current estimates place the cost of each data center at $783,816 for the Center of Applied Sciences and Technology (COAST) and $873,848 for North Brunswick High School.

Both data centers will be constructed on a steel base with grounding platforms, with 14 gauge galvalume interlocking panels used for the walls and roofs. Existing fencing at North Brunswick High School will be modified to enclose the development.

Each container will be equipped with a 20kVA, 208V UPS monitored by the EcoStruxure IT software from Schneider Electric. Each data center will contain four server rack enclosures, rack power distribution units, and thermal aisle containment systems.

The structures will have backup diesel generators, existing utility transformers for power, and exterior wall-mounted HVAC units with a cooling capacity of 5 tons each for cooling