Spain: Best Wonder Business (BWB) to develop a data center powered entirely by solar power in Aragon, Spain

May 27, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Best Wonder Business (BWB) has announced its intentions to develop a 16MW data center, powered solely by solar power, and located at the Huesca Logistics Platform (Plhus) business park outside Huesca, in the Aragon region. Reported to be worth €230 million ($264m); the company hopes the facility will be entirely be supplied by solar plants, but it will also connected to the local grid. BWB will have assistance from Colliers for this project. 

According to reports, the project will be delivered in different phases, the first of which will be an 18-month project whereby four solar farms totaling 178MWp will be developed. After this, the second phase will be responsible for the development of the data center. This will also be split into a further two phases; the first phase will see an investment of €70 million ($75m) and introduce 8MW, while the second will deliver 8MWp and see an investment of €60 million ($64m). Work is due to begin in 2023 and with a view to be complete by 2024.

Speaking about the project, Jose María Guilleuma, director of data centers at Colliers, commented: "Energy is a key and differentiating element in the development of data centers. Progressum contributes its know-how in photovoltaic projects, integrating the generation of renewable energy as a backbone of its proposal for the data center market. The Colliers Data Centers team has advised from the beginning of the project on aspects such as the conceptual design of the building, the purchase of land, or the preparation of a business plan for the construction of the asset. This transaction is the best example of the excellent synergies that can be created between the logistics market, the data center market, and the energy sector."