American Tower Corporation: American Tower to cut emissions intensity in African tower

Oct 16, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

American Tower Corporation (ATC) Africa has begun to progressively push its sustainability strategy as it announced that direct greenhouse emissions (GHG) per tower dropped by 21 percent against its 2019 baseline. ATC notes that  this was down to an "increased deployment of on-site solar power."

ATC announced that the renewable energy source hours have almost doubled in the past five years after investing over $350 million into renewable energy installations. This has effectively cutting the company’s reliance on diesel generators into half as its on-site diesel consumption has reduced by an approximately 43.5 million liters annually. 

Marek Busfy, CEO at ATC Africa, said. “Our efforts are further geared to make an impact on our continent where connectivity is increasingly vital but power availability unstable. Additionally, improving energy efficiency at our sites is part of what we want to accomplish in Africa and is critical to achieving our targets.”