Aligned: Aligned Data Centers continues investment in Phoenix with two new data center campuses

Oct 17, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

After acquiring two parcels of land in Arizona, Aligned Data Centers has announced plans for two new construction projects, mega campuses, spanning 400MW of IT load and approximately two million square feet. 

The facilities will reportedly prioritize sustainability, using Delta³ cooling technology with a waterless heat rejection system. Moreover, 100% of Aligned’s IT load is matched with renewable energy sources across its entire data center portfolio.

According to Aligned, the new campuses are part of wider expansion plans, which include a 36MW data center in Dallas; a new multi-facility campus in Northern Virginia; a third hyperscale facility on its Salt Lake campus; the extension of its Phoenix campus with a new data; a 36MW facility in Chicago; and a hyperscale campus in Frederick County, Maryland.

“Aligned is focused on meeting the capacity demands of our customers today, while constantly innovating across every aspect of our business to ensure their future data centre requirements will be met long term,” said Andrew Schaap, CEO of Aligned.

Adding: “Our expansion in greater Phoenix is an example of Aligned’s power-first approach to asset procurement as well as strategic investments across our design and construction, supply chain and vendor managed inventory program, and team to deliver capacity at maximum speed and scale.”