Spain: Aire Networks Opens New Data Center in The Malaga TechPark of Spain

May 03, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Aire Networks has announced the opening of its new data center in Malaga, Spain. The new data center is located in the Malaga TechPark, and it cost the company spent €2.5 million ($2.6m) to develop. Aire Networks did not reveal the specifications of the data center. 

A statement from the company on LinkedIn reads: “Today we celebrate a milestone in the cloud and digital evolution of Malaga and Andalusian companies: we have inaugurated the new data center of OasIX at the Málaga TechPark.” “Its implementation will directly impact the local economy of both Malaga and the Community, promoting the development of companies in the sector with a more competitive, efficient, and productive market.”

There was an opening ceremony for the data center. It was attended by the CEO of Grupo Aire and Aire Networks, Raul Aledo, the director of Malaga TechPark, Felipe Romera, and the Minister of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge, and Universities, Rogelio Velasco.

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