DartPoints: A DartPoints-leased data center in Indiana has been sold

Jan 14, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

According to Five 9s Digital, it advised the owner of a DartPoints-leased data center in Columbus, Indiana, to sell off the property. The data center has been sold for $8.3 million. The facility in question is a purpose-built single-tenant data center. The data center is located at 2425 Technology Blvd, and it has a space of 86,400 square feet.

DartPoints is the current long-term occupant of the facility. It is also the company’s only data center in Indiana. DartPoints started operating the data center in May 2021 after it acquired Immedion. With the acquisition of Immedion, DartPoints tripled its data center footprint by adding eight new data centers to its portfolio.

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