AirTrunk: A commitment to a greener future: AirTrunk converts $1.545bn in sustainability linked loans

Sep 14, 2021 | Posted by MadalineDunn

AirTrunk has announced it has converted its corporate loan facilities of over AU$2.1 billion (US$1.545bn) into a Sustainability Linked Loan (SLL). The tech company is the latest to join the wave of data center companies pursuing these kinds of loans, alongside Aligned, KPN, and Nabiax.

As per the loan terms, if the company delivers on certain ESG goals, including pursuing carbon neutrality and energy efficiency, it will face reduced interest, and importantly, if it fails to meet the KPIs outlined in the new facility, it would pay more.

AirTrunk's chief financial officer, Prashant Murthy, commented: "Today's announcement showcases AirTrunk's leadership position in designing, building, operating, and now financing digital infrastructure across the Asia-Pacific region in a sustainable way." 

Meanwhile, AirTrunk Founder and CEO Robin Khuda noted that sustainability has been at the core value of the business from "day one". He said: "By transitioning to this SLL with three ambitious KPIs including one for Operating PUE, we are holding ourselves to account to achieve our sustainability objectives."

Speaking to the Financial Review, he added: "We are focusing on delivering responsible digital growth in the region, an important priority not just for AirTrunk but also our key stakeholders including our customers, employees, investors, government, and the broader community.”

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