Herman IT owned, IBM Enterprise Modular Data Center in Renforsin Ranta was introduced into service in the end of October 2012. CSC (IT Center for Science) Data Center also started production in in the same area. Herman IT Data Center Services are designed for customer specific needs. Data Center design, project management and construction has been conducted together with professional partners and customers. Data Center operations, facility maintenance, cleaning, reception, security etc. services are managed by Herman IT. Read more about IBM Enterprise Modular Data Center (IBM EMDC).

Our service production is based on ISO 20000 and best practices of ITIL. The ISO 27001 certification granted to Herman IT covers our colocation and infrastructure services in our Data Center. International ISO / IEC 27001 standardized information security and its management system tells a lot about our reliability as a business partner even for companies with the most demanding information security requirements.

Data Center Services include:
• Rack space
• Cooling
• Undisturbed dual feed electricity
• Automized site and facility infrastructure
• High level of physical security
• Separated fire zones for IT and technical equipment

Lönnrotinkatu 1287100, Kajaani, Finland
Retail Colocation (Cabinets, Cages, RU)
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Herman IT Kajana (Renforsin Ranta)
Lönnrotinkatu 12, 87100 Kajana, Finland
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