910 Telecom (DGEB) Locations

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Built in 1910, the DGEB is an iconic building in downtown Denver that is adorned with 13,000 light bulbs. The building is the de facto telecom hotel for Denver and the Rocky Mountain Region.

910 Telecom operates the building MMR (Meet Me Room) for the Denver Gas & Electric Building (DGEB.) The DGEB & 910 Telcom are closely related from an ownership perspective.

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910 15th Street, Suite 1040, Denver, Colorado 80202
: Private Company
Year Founded:
Retail Colocation (Cabinets, Cages, RU)
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910 Telecom (DGEB) Data Center Map

910 Telecom (DGEB) Locations

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Denver Gas & Electric Building (910 15th)
910 15th Street
Denver, Colorado 80202
Located in Denver
  • Utility: Xcel Energy
  • Owns Owns the Building

Built in 1910, the Denver Gas & Electric Building (DGEB) at 910 15th is Denver's Carrier Hotel.


July 2015

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An Historic view of Denver's 910 15th
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Source: Denver Public Library