Tet Kleistu

Kleistu iela 5

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Tet Data Center Kleistu is designed and built in accordance with ANSI, NE 1047-1 and 1047-2 directives, as well as in accordance with the requirements of the TIERIII infrastructure. DC is located on the Tet main network infrastructure node, which allows to provide direct reserved connections with the largest Internet exchange points in Europe and Russia. DC is designed for critical IT system accommodation.

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Kleistu iela 5
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Sites within 15 miles of Tet Kleistu

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3.94 miles Tet Pērses
4.96 miles DEAC Grīziņkalns
6.24 miles Tet Brivibas
7.16 miles Tet Keldisa
9.37 miles DEAC Riga

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Operating Company

Tet is a Latvian Teleco provider. As of 2021, 51% of Tet shares are owned by the Latvian government, but the remaining 49% - by the Scandinavian company Telia Company. Tet in turn owns 23% of the Latvian mobile operator's LMT shares.

In 2021, the company was rebranded from Lattelecom to Tet.

5 Facilities Owned
2 Markets Served
3.3 Megawatts
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