Hydrogränd 2

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Operated by: Hydro66

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Hydrogränd 2
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1.39 miles HIVE: Boden
17.88 miles Facebook Luleå
Luleå is a small coastal town just south of the Arctic Circle. The facility opened in 2013 and was Facebook's first data center outside the U.S.

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Hydro66, founded in 2014 is a pioneering, ultra-efficient, green-field colocation data center located in Boden, Northern Sweden.

In 2018 Hydro66 went public on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE:SIX)

While a majority of revenue currently comes from providing colocation services, the Company continuously reviews the digital currency markets to optimize self-mining opportunities. The Company mines, holds and sells a suite of coins including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and AION and at the end of Q1 2018, the closing value of cryptocurrency held by the Company exceeded US$1 million.

1 Facilities Owned
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19.2 Megawatts
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