Bitfamrs: Rio Cuarto, Argentina

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The Canadian bitcoin miner Bitfarms' Rio Cuarto facility is located in the Province of Córdoba, Argentina.

  • This facility has 54 MW of installed capacity and hosts 15,300 miners, facilitating around 1.6 EH/s of installed hashrate.
  • Bitfarms receives necessary power permits to expand production up to 100 MW at its Rio Cuarto, Argentina facility.

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Rio Cuarto
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Operating Company

Founded in 2017, Bitfarms is a global Bitcoin self-mining company, running vertically integrated mining operations with onsite technical repair, proprietary data analytics and Company-owned electrical engineering and installation services to deliver high operational performance and uptime.

Operationally, Bitfarms has a diversified production platform with five industrial scale facilities located in Québec, one in Washington state, one in Argentina, and one in Paraguay. Each facility is over 99% powered with environmentally friendly hydro power and secured with long term power contracts. Bitfarms is currently the only publicly traded pure-play crypto mining company audited by a Big Four accounting firm.

11 Facilities Owned
4 Markets Served
192.5 Megawatts
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