Wyoming Hyperscale White Box: Wyoming Hyperscale White Box teams up with Lumen Technologies to create sustainable data centers

Aug 25, 2021 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Wyoming Hyperscale White Box has teamed up with Lumen Technologies to create sustainable data centers. Wyoming Hyperscale plans to launch its first development site in Aspen, Wyoming, in early 2022, with the help of Lumen, which will provide "accessible, clean, and reliable" technology solutions. A 30MW first phase is proposed, consisting of three 10MW halls, each spanning 13,000 sq ft (1200 sq m). The facility will also support up to 100kW per rack. 

Its data centers will use liquid cooling efficiency and closed-loop external cooling, which, when paired with Wyoming Hyperscale's proprietary solution, consumes no water.

Commenting on the company's mission and values, Wyoming Hyperscale operating partner Brady Thornock, said: "One of the most important aspects of the project is the focus on its implementation of cutting-edge technology to make it as efficient as possible, with the smallest footprint environmentally." 

Thornock, a sixth-generation rancher, added that land stewardship was a "key driver" of the company's site selection: "The land selected is a pad consisting of excavated material from one of the tunnels below Aspen Mountain, deposited between 1947 and 1974. While ideal for building, the site does not support sufficient plant life and would be best capped with concrete and repurposed, to prevent erosion.

"It also just happens to be at a splice point in the global fiber optic network infrastructure."

Promoting a circular economy, waste heat from the data centers will also be used to heat Wyoming Hyperscale's Indoor Farms for "precision agriculture."

Speaking about Wyoming Hyperscale's choice to pick Lumen, Ed Morche, Lumen president of North American Enterprise and Public Sector, said: "Lumen's commitment and unique abilities to use technologies to support environmental sustainability aligns with Wyoming Hyperscale's pursuit to change industry norms for datacenter developers. We are proud to provide Wyoming Hyperscale the right solutions to help them deliver reliable, energy-conscious results."