India / Bhārata: Webel to construct new DC in West Bengal, India

Oct 02, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

West Bengal Electronics Industry Development Corporation Limited (Webel) is considering a new data center in Siliguri, the Indian state of West Bengal. This new data center will be Webel’s third facility focused on promoting the IT and electronics industries in the Indian state. 

A senior officer of Webel said, “We already have two data centers – one at Sector V in Salt Lake and another at Purulia. The third one in the state will be coming up in Siliguri. IT Parks, institutions, gaming, start-ups etc. now require high-end computing. The data center will cater to their requirement.”

This new data center will focus on offering high-performance computing power to help small enterprises and start-ups. Construction is expected to begin over the next six months with a high probability of a tender. However, the company is yet to reveal details relating to the proposed capacity of this project as its specifications are yet to be finalized.