Yahoo: Washington State's Old Yahoo! Data Center Demolished

Mar 29, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

The electrical and mechanical equipment of a defunct Yahoo! data center at the Confluence Technology Center (CTC) in Washington state has been removed. The power stations, coolers, and switchgear were taken out of the Wenatchee, Chelan County facility by the commissioners of the Chelan Douglas Regional Port Authority. The Wenatchee World was informed by Stacie de Mestre, port public works & capital projects manager, that all of the data center occupants' electrical and mechanical equipment was still in place when they left. The port made an effort to lease the infrastructure and equipment out but was unsuccessful in doing so. 

After spending over 2,500 man-hours extracting and reprocessing 260,000 pounds of stripped, stripped copper wire, 150,000 pounds of batteries, and 28 exhaust fans from the CTC roof, the facility was restored to a core and shell state. Absher Construction and the port agreed on a $3.7 million deal for the project. Yet, a large portion of the supplies and machinery taken from the data center had salvage value. They gave them $1,210,000 at the start of the project as compensation for this. The restoration process is anticipated to be finished by August completely. Microsoft revealed intentions to construct three data centers somewhere else in Chelan County earlier this month.