Vodafone: Vodafone to upgrade security at Bracknell data center

Feb 29, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Following an increasing number of criminal attacks at Vodafone’s Bracknell data center, the company is now making plans to upgrade security at this facility. Vodafone has received permission from the Bracknell Forest Council to install new security fences and gates, reconfigure the car park, and install EV chargers at its data center site in the Sterling Centre on Eastern Road.

“Due to an increasing number of criminal attacks on Vodafone data center sites across the country, a program of security upgrades is being rolled out across the network,” the company said. “Additional protection is required to any external plant and vulnerable access points into the building. All perimeter fences will be fitted with a razor wire anti-climb topper.”

“In order to minimize theft and vandalism, a perimeter fence is proposed to the east elevations of the building currently occupied by external plant, pipework, and car parking. Upgrades to the existing fences surrounding the plant are also proposed. “The new fences have been designed to provide a robust barrier to prevent both anti-social behavior and also deter more malicious attacks. The existing plant will need to be made secure to protect the function of the critical systems inside the building.”