Virgin Media Leeds (Temple House): Virgin Media data center in Leeds for sale for £7 million

Jun 12, 2021 | Posted by Bob Tester

Temple House in Leeds, Yorkshire, which houses a data center used by UK telco Virgin Media, is up for sale for £7 million ($9.9 million). The building spans 102,400 sq ft (9,500 sqm), with a combined 3.06 acres across two plots, 44,333 sq ft (4,100 sqm) of which is used by Virgin.

Speaking about the sale, Nick Salkeld, director of Fox Lloyd Jones, who is marketing the property, said there is wide-ranging interest from different sectors due to the location’s strength and the “flexibility of the spaces”.

Other tenants include Ninja Warrior, Instant Managed Offices, Vet Partners, and Premier Martial Arts, who pay a combined rent of £566,000 ($801,000) per year.
Building Layout

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