Vertiv: Vertiv releases self service deign tool

Mar 09, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Vertiv has released the Vertiv Modular Designer Life, a self-service online tool to help customers design and configure prefabricated modular data centers. This tool is a user-friendly web-based application for configuring Vertiv’s SmartMod and SmartMod Max prefabricated modular data centers, aimed at streamlining the module design process.

“Users can quickly design all-in-one data centers up to 200kW without any technical background. The tool requires no logins or software downloads, allowing users to select from a range of optional configurations to design their modular data centers in just a few minutes,” Vertiv said.

Siniša Stojanoski, DCCS BU, SEE from Dell Technologies, added: “I have personally utilized this tool online during customer discussions, effectively exploring and presenting diverse design alternatives. Its intuitive interface and robust features provide a streamlined solution for designing modular data centers, enabling customers to visualize their configurations effectively and make informed decisions, reducing time and costs."