Turkcell: Turkcell announces acquisition of 18MW wind farm in Turkey

Jul 08, 2021 | Posted by Eric Advinci

Turkcell, a Turkish telecoms company with a portfolio of 26 data centers, has announced that its subsidiary Turkcell Enerji, has acquired Boyut Grup Enerji, which owns İzmir Karadağ Wind Power Plant.

The deal worth $29.6 million means that Turkcell now has access to 18MW of wind farm energy. This, Turkell CEO Murat Erkan said, will improve the company's focus on sustainability and, importantly, reduce its environmental footprint.

Speaking about the acquisition, he added: "In line with our sustainability approach, we continue to lead investments in renewable energy and target to become a company meeting its electricity need from eco-friendly resources. In accordance with this target, the energy we generated with the self-consumption model in 2020 reached a level equivalent to the annual consumption of 1,230 residences."

As part of the acquisition, Turkell will make a payment of $11.5 million after adjusting for BGE's debt.