OVH Group: The First OVHcloud Data Center Launched in India

Mar 28, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

As part of its ambitions for Asia Pacific development, which will see the construction of two further data centers in Singapore and Australia by 2024, OVHcloud, a pioneer in European cloud computing, has announced opening its first data center in India. The new Mumbai facility expands OVHcloud's global network of data centers and is part of its previously announced global strategic strategy to establish 15 new locations by 2024. Customers of OVHcloud will now have access to open, dependable, sovereign, and sustainable cloud solutions, enabling them to satisfy their expanding digital demands. 

The news comes at a critical moment for the Asia-Pacific region, which has seen an increase in cloud use under stricter governmental oversight around data sovereignty and environmental concerns. In India, cloud-enabled Digital Transformation is fueling the nation's digital sector's accelerated expansion, which is already outpacing the growth of the whole economy by 2.4 times. Moreover, the commercial and government sectors are expected to depend more on the cloud due to the government campaign "Digital India," which supports a coordinated national drive for digital transformation. 

With local computing and storage capabilities to meet changing data compliance needs, OVHcloud's new data center in Mumbai will provide Indian businesses with improved support. This is especially true given that the Indian government is pushing for more extensive data protection legislation to go along with the rise of the digital economy. The National Data Governance Framework policy, the IT Rules, and the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill were all introduced in the past two years to balance data governance efforts with the release of data-enabled innovation to support further expansion of the Indian digital economy.

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