: The FBI is looking for a vendor to manage its five data centers

Jun 08, 2021 | Posted by Bob Tester

The FBI is looking for a vendor to help manage its major data centers across the United States. The data centers are located in Huntsville- Alabama, Pocatello- Idaho, Vienna- Virginia, Washington- DC, and Clarksburg- West Virginia. Also, the winning vendor will provide engineering and technical support to the FBI. The vendor will also help the FBI with a potential move to the cloud.

According to the statement from Nextgov, the vendor must ensure that “the FBI’s unclassified and classified computer systems consisting of several thousand servers, storage, compute, switches, blade centers which provide hosting services for the enterprise are maintained in a secure, reliable manner with minimum disruption and productions systems shall have a 99 percent uptime,” 

Furthermore, the winning vendor will also partake in new products, including relocation of data centers, technical deployments, etc. Also, the contract for running the data centers is expected to run for one year starting from 1st August 2021. It will also include an option of two one-year extensions.

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