Singapore: Telkom Indonesia consolidates Singapore data centers

Mar 05, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Telkom Indonesia has consolidated its Singapore data centers under one umbrella unit ahead of a potential sale. The company wrote on LinkedIn that this marks a “significant milestone in our journey toward becoming a regional powerhouse in the data center industry,” 

“The rationale behind this transaction is to strengthen data center business owned by TDE to support TDE to become the market leader for the data center business in Indonesia and regional,” Telkom said in the filing. “In addition, this transaction also supports the company's plan to unlock the company's data center business in the future, which is expected to provide the most optimal value for the company.”

The wider company's data center business in Singapore has been consolidated under one entity known as PT Telkom Data Ekosistem (TDE) as Telkom’s data center business vehicle. Telkom has around 30 data centers in operation and development, including more than 25 local facilities and five overseas sites.