Australia: Team Global Express moves to cloud with Infosys

Apr 18, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Australian logistics firm Team Global Express has migrated to the cloud with help from Infosys in a program which required moving more than 300 application. This move was achieved without any business impact to the 4,000+ users or to network integration spread over 100 sites.

Danny Gravell, CIO of Team Global Express, said: "Our partnership with Infosys enabled us to successfully set up an independent technology capability and transform our foundation technology platforms. Using ready-to-use templates from Infosys Cobalt, we could complete the transformation at speed with maximum efficiency. This program has enabled us to work towards providing the best possible experience for our customers."

Executive vice president & global head of consumer, retail & logistics, Infosys, Karmesh Vaswani, said: "The separation program for Team Global Express presented a unique opportunity to achieve significant value. This complex program challenged us to not only accomplish the separation on-time and without business disruption, but also to establish a modern, secure, and scalable digital foundation to accelerate their future growth.

"Leveraging our proven Infosys Cobalt cloud ecosystem and through a collaborative partnership with Team Global Express, we successfully navigated the complexities of this program, achieving an outcome that ranks among our most impactful engagements in the Australia and New Zealand region."