Colombia: Tayra facility in Colombia to become supercomputer

Jun 02, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

In Colombia, an underused data center at Colombia's center for bioinformatics and computational biology (BIOS) in Valle del Cauca, is to be transformed into a supercomputer. According to the government, it will invest 1.5bn pesos ($330,000) to facilitate this.

The Tayra facility is currently used for computing services to the government, academia, and various businesses; the investment will increase the supercomputer to 130 teraflops of capacity, up from 17. This will make it the most powerful in the country.

"There is a computer worth 17bn pesos that's not doing anything. We're going to spend 1.5bn pesos to put it into operation so that this supercomputer, one of the few that Latin America has, helps develop the entire innovation ecosystem," ICT minister Mauricio Lizcano said.