Louisiana: T-Mobile completes 5G network upgade

Apr 19, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

T-Mobile announced that it has completed its 5G network upgrades in Louisiana, a multi-year investment totaling $290 million, including $50m towards an upgrade in its 5G service in the Greater New Orleans area. 

The company notes that the expansion provides access to 5G ultra capacity coverage to new geographical areas, and will provide faster Internet speeds for businesses, schools, healthcare providers, first responders, and anyone on T-Mobile’s network.

"Governor Landry's leadership in driving economic development in Louisiana, especially for those in more rural and underserved communities, aligns with T-Mobile's commitment to create the best possible network experience in the places where it matters most," said Ulf Ewaldsson, president of technology, T-Mobile.

"Our multi-year effort to enhance 5G connectivity across Louisiana is already bringing new opportunities for growth through enhanced speeds and better reliability in more places than ever before."