STT Bangkok 1: STT GDC officially opens its Bangkok 1 hyperscale data center

Sep 18, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

St Telemedia Global Data Centres (Thailand) has announced the opening of its first data center in Bangkok. The new facility STT Bangkok 1 is the first of two planned buildings for the STT Bangkok Data Centre Campus. STT Bangkok 1 is located in the Hua Mak business district. It is also a seven-story building with a gross floor area of 322,917 square feet (30,000 square meters) and up to 20MW of IT power. According to STT GDC Thailand, the facility can be expanded to 40MW.

STT GDC Thailand said the STT Bangkok 1 facility is the biggest data center in Bangkok. The facility is also the first data center in the whole of Thailand to be awarded the Uptime Institute Tier III Constructed Facility and TIA-942 Certification Rated-3. Aside from that, the facility also complies with the Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessment at the highest level.

CEO of STT GDC Thailand, Supparat Singhara Na Ayutthaya, said the launch of the data center campus in Bangkok is an excellent step for the Company and a new age of digital infrastructure in Thailand.
Rendering of the new Bangkok1 facility

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