Stellium Datacenters: Stellium Datacenters to use solar panels and battery storage at its Newcastle facility

Apr 28, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

In Newcastle, UK, Stellium Datacenters is planning to deploy a battery storage and solar solution at its facility to reduce its carbon footprint. The company teamed up with Total Data Centre Solutions (TDCS) for the project, which will deploy a containerized 2.3MWh battery storage solution and rooftop solar photovoltaic system at the data center. Through the project, the company reports that it will be able to reduce the data center's carbon footprint by around 125.9Mt of Co2 per annum.

The company also shared that the project is expected to displace ~380,000kWh of imported power from the grid, and is scalable.
Stellium Datacenters

Commenting on the announcement, Paul Melon, operations director at Stellium, said: "At Stellium, we and our clients are well aware of the impact of data centers on the environment and we continuously research and implement every available solution to reduce our carbon footprint."

Adding: "This is a highly attractive proposition from TDCS and EOS as there is no expenditure from Stellium involved - in effect funded by sharing the savings and revenue associated with it in the power used on the site. Stellium offers EOS a property lease and in accordance with a benefits share mechanism, they pay us a monthly variable rent."

Meanwhile, Brian Clavin, head of battery energy storage at TDCS, called it a "smart solution" for any data center operator wishing to reduce their carbon footprint and power costs. "At no cost to the operator, it is paid for on a shared savings and revenue model," Clavin said. 

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