STACK INFRASTRUCTURE: Stack to develop new data center campus in Phoenix, Arizona

Nov 08, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Stack has announced that it’s developing a new 230 MW data center campus in Phoenix, Arizona, featuring five buildings on a 50-acre site. This site, which will span 1.7 million square feet (157,935 sqm), is the company’s second in the state and will run on 100% renewable energy, built with a low water use design. 

Speaking about this development, Brian Cox, chief executive officer of Stack Americas, said: “Capitalizing on the abundant growth opportunities in the Phoenix area offers our clients the utmost scalability and flexibility while being highly cost-effective and embracing renewable energy resources.”

He added that the expansion of Stack’s data center footprint in what he called a “fast-growing market” is a “testament” to the company’s “continued dedication” to anticipating the needs of its clients and “staying ahead of the curve in the industry by quickly delivering significant added hyperscale capacity.”

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