STACK INFRASTRUCTURE: Stack's heat-sharing project in Oslo successful

Sep 22, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

STACK Infrastructure has successfully connected its data center to Hafslund Oslo Celsio System in Norway for city-wide heat reuse. This is the first time a project of this kind has taken place in the country. Now, after a one-year ramp-up, STACK's OSL01 data center is now providing heat and hot water for up to 5,000 Oslo homes.

First proposed back in 2018, the project saw new insulated pipework and cooling coils retrofitted to the data center, which means that the facility now exports around 3.5MW of heat energy into the Oslo district heating system. According to the company, this has reduced Celsio's alternative energy production by 25,000,000kWh (25GWh).

Speaking about this achievement, Knut Inderhaug, managing director, Hafslund Oslo Celsio commented: "It is a great pleasure to see the collaboration with Stack come to fruition and I'm sure this is the first of several projects to come." Adding: "Data centers located in urban areas are stable and good sources of excess heat for district heating, and together we can contribute to the reuse of emission-free heat. Projects like this are positive for us as energy providers, for our city and its inhabitants, and for the climate."

Halvor Bjerke, CEO, Stack EMEA Nordics, said: "Heat reuse is now standard in our new data center designs, and we expect to continue collaborating with city authorities as well as heat and power companies to ensure that this circular economy for energy becomes widespread so that the digital economy is a sustainable one."