STACK INFRASTRUCTURE: Stack Infrastructure is expanding into the Asia Pacific region

Oct 13, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Stack Infrastructure has revealed its plan to expand into the Asia Pacific region. The company is planning to open a regional headquarters in Singapore. It would also expand into Osaka and Tokyo immediately before entering into Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, and other Asia Pacific markets later in the future.

CEO of Stack Infrastructure, Brian Cox, said launching Stack Asia Pacific signifies a remarkable achievement in the company’s evolution. He added that Stack is dedicated to building out international markets that are strategic to its customers globally. Cox also noted that expanding into the Asia Pacific region will help the company offer flexible critical infrastructure solutions that meet customers’ demands and requirements.

Stark Infrastructure has also chosen Pithambar Gona as the Chief Executive Officer of Stack Asia Pacific. He was the President, Chief Investment Officer, and Chief Financial Officer of Bridge Data Centres. Gona said Stack has shown that enterprise and hyperscale customers can trust it because of its commercial models and technical solutions. He also added that he looks forward to replicating Stack’s success in North America in the Asia Pacific region.