STACK INFRASTRUCTURE: Stack Infrastructure: Hyperscale data center goes online in Silicon Valley

Oct 12, 2021 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Stack Infrastructure’s latest data center facility in Silicon Valley (SVY02) is now live and is adjacent to the company’s existing SVY01 facility at its Silicon Valley Campus. This 3-story, 240,000 sqft facility brings 32MW of capacity to the region and is powered entirely by 100% renewable energy on PG&E’s Direct Access program.

Stack Chief Strategy Officer, Matt VanderZanden, commented: “STACK has proven its ability to navigate the development and supply chain challenges of today in order to promptly deliver the data center of tomorrow in one of the most important technology markets in the world. Our ability to successfully partner with a variety of local Silicon Valley stakeholders has reaffirmed STACK’s tradition of development excellence.”

He added: “With planned future phases of our Silicon Valley campus, we look forward to continuing to address our clients’ needs and energizing the local economy.”

According to Stack, the project employed hundreds of individuals.

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