Vancouver: Spencer Building Carrier Hotel to build data center in Harbour Centre

Jan 19, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Spencer Building Carrier Hotel is to build a new facility in Vancouver's Harbour Centre. When fully built out, the company says the facility will span 43,000 sqft, with a capacity of 10MW, supporting 20kW+ per cabinet, and over 20,000 connected fibers.

According to Director of Data Center Infrastructure and Operations, Chris Jones, the company's vision for the Spencer Building Carrier Hotel is to serve as "the premier hub for connectivity for all of Western Canada. Further to this, he said: "This data center will not only be brand new, but it will also come with the latest innovative and cutting-edge technology that will allow us to provide a customized service for all customers, regardless of size."

Speaking about the decision to locate the facility in such a historic and iconic place, the Harbour Centre, Jones said it has served as a "major force" not only in Vancouver but also for Western Canada. As such, Jones continued, to "tap into that history, network and renewable energy while improving the future for Vancouver's connectivity" is a monumental opportunity for the company.