United Arab Emirates (UAE): SpaceX to de-orbit Starlink satellites that could potentially cause failures

Feb 14, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

SpaceX has revealed plans to de-orbit about 100 of its early Starlink satellites after finding a “common error” that could potentially cause failures. In a recent update on the company site, it revealed plans to perform controlled descents of the early-version 1 Starlink satellites in the coming weeks and months.

“These satellites are currently maneuverable and serving users effectively, but the Starlink team identified a common issue in this small population of satellites that could increase the probability of failure in the future,” the company said. It also noted that it is in control of the machines and will maintain maneuverability and collision avoidance capabilities during the descent, after which they will burn up in the atmosphere.

“The satellites will follow a safe, circular, and controlled lowering operation that should take approximately six months for most of the vehicles,” SpaceX said. “Controlled, propulsive de-orbit is much shorter and safer than a comparable ballistic de-orbit from an equivalent altitude.”