Scaleway (iliad) Data Centers: Scaleway of Iliad will turn its data center unit into a separate entity, Opcore

Jun 21, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

The French cloud and data center organization Scaleway separates its data center division into a separate businesses. President and former CEO of Scaleway, Arnaud de Bermingham, announced on Linkedin that he would oversee the new 46-person unit. In response to a commentator's inquiry about whether the severance was solely a 'functional' division between technical and business operations, de Bermingham stated that the separation was complete.

The parent organization Iliad has not yet officially announced the new entity. Scaleway, formerly Online SAS/, was founded in 1999 as a hosting corporation. It is part of the Xavier Neil-owned Iliad telecommunications corporation. Currently, the corporation provides cloud, hosting, and colocation options. After acquiring Alice ADSL from Telecom Italia's French subsidiary in 2008, the business established a colocation division.

The origins of the data center device can be traced back to ISDnet in 1999. In 2000, Cable & Wireless acquired the business, followed by Tiscali France in 2003. The French operations of Tiscali were transferred to Telecom Italia's French subsidiary Alice in 2005, and Iliad acquired them three years later.

Scaleway, owned by Iliad, has four data center facilities in Paris totaling approximately 44MW and provides cloud services from facilities in Poland and the Netherlands located in Warsaw and Amsterdam. The company claims that its land reserves exceed 10 million square feet.

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