ScaleMatrix: ScaleMatrix Acquires Instant Data Centers for High-Density Edge

Mar 19, 2019 | Posted by Eric Bell

There are many layers and facets to edge computing, which is the focus of a growing list of companies, including everyone from startups to the largest cloud platforms. As a result, edge strategies will drive an active season for mergers and acquisitions.

That’s true for the data center sector, as seen in today’s announcement that high-density hosting specialist ScaleMatrix will acquire Instant Data Centers (previously Elliptical Mobile Solutions) which makes ruggedized micro-modular data centers that can support extreme workloads outside a traditional colocation environment.
The deal allows ScaleMatrix to offer high-density hosting in one of its four regional data centers, or on a customer premises or remote site. Instant Data Centers brings several new form factors to the specialized cooling cabinets offered by ScaleMatrix.
Insta Data Center's Cabinet Enclosure
Acquiring Instant Data Centers “sets the stage for us to be able to help customers truly deploy any hardware, at any density, anywhere,” said Chris Orlando, co-founder and CEO of ScaleMatrix. “Our clients are increasingly requiring their IT resources to be closer to where the decision processes and data creation is occurring, especially as artificial intelligence continues to gain traction.”

Both ScaleMatrix and Instant Data Centers/Elliptical focus on air-cooled enclosures that tightly manage airflow, allowing them to support high-density server installations with rack densities in excess of 40 to 50 kW.

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