Scala Data Centers: Scala Data Centers launches the second largest vertical data center in Latin America, São Paulo, Brazil

May 25, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Scala has announced that it has launched the second largest vertical data center in Latin America, SGRUTB05, which adds 6MW of IT capacity to Tamboré Campus. Located in the Tamboré Campus, in Barueri city, it has a built area of 6,700 sqm, is 35.5 meters high, and has five floors, three of which are dedicated to data halls, offering 400 racks with almost 9MW of total power. 

It has a reserved capacity of 100MW to be distributed in other data centers at the complex, and is dedicated to a single hyperscale customer.

The facility is powered by certified renewable energy, and designed to operate with a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of less than 1.4; its WUE will also be equivalent to zero, as an air-cooled data center.

"As the third operational single-tenant site at the Tamboré Campus, SGRUTB05 reinforces Scala's successful strategy of not only enabling unprecedented volumes in the Latin American market, accommodating the growth of our customer's IT infrastructure for decades, but also offering a secure, fast and flexible approach through multiple constructions," commented Marcos Peigo, Scala's CEO and Co-founder, states.

According to the company, it now has seven data centers in operation, four at Tamboré Campus, one in São Paulo city, one in Campinas city and the seventh in São João de Meriti. 

The company shared that since launching in 2020, it has already invested more than R$ 6 billion in its projects in Latin America. Looking ahead, it is planning to reach 500MW of distributed capacity over the next five years in the four countries where it currently operates.