STACK Gland GEN02: Safe Host Is Expanding its SH2 data center in Gland, Switzerland

Jul 01, 2021 | Posted by Bob Tester

SafeHost, a Swiss colocation provider, has announced that it is expanding its SH2 data center facility in Gland, Switzerland. Webuild Group, through its subsidiary CSC Costruzioni SA, will be responsible for building the additional 18MW of capacity at the SH2 facility. The project will also cost CHF 131.5 million ($142.5 million). Construction is scheduled to start in July 2021 and be completed in 18 months.

SH2 originally offers a 40MW of capacity. It also has 150,694 square feet of technical space. Finally, SafeHost has three data centers in the Geneva area. Its fourth facility is also under construction while plans are in place for its fifth facility in Beringen.
Current view of the SafeHost SH2 Facility

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