Sabey Data Centers: Sabey plans to construct Umatilla Data Center Facility

Sep 15, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Sabey Data Centers, an industry leader in designing, constructing, and operating multi-tenant data centers, has announced its expansion into Umatilla, Oregon. Sabey has acquired 60 acres to construct an ultramodern 100+ MW data center campus.

SDC Umatilla will feature award-winning, hyper-efficient data facility designs by Sabey that are purpose-built to support the hyperscale and enterprise deployments of today. The 700,000-square-foot data center campus will support IT loads exceeding 100 megawatts. Oregon reported a 40% renewable utility power fuel mix in 2020, to reach 100% by 2040. Sabey will procure/invest in carbon-free energy to achieve the Company's net-zero goal by 2029 in Umatilla and across the SDC portfolio, 11 years before Oregon's target.

The campus will provide various connectivity options, low latency to West Coast metro areas, and easy access to subsea cables running along the West Coast. The construction of the data center campus will create employment in the surrounding rural community, and the campus will offer ongoing career opportunities.

In Q1 2025, Sabey Data Centers anticipates breaking ground in Umatilla, Oregon.