: Rostelecom to develop 55MW data center campus in Moscow

Nov 23, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Rostelecom has announced its plans to develop a hyperscale data center campus in Moscow, Russia. The company revealed that its subsidiary Rostelecom DPC acquired a facility at Nikopolskaya street. Rostelecom plans to develop four data center buildings at the site. The buildings will cover a total space of 530,500 square feet (40,000 square meters). In addition, they will also have a total capacity of 55MW.

Rostelecom says the data center campus will have a capacity of 6,710 racks. However, the first 1,000 racks of the facility are scheduled to be commissioned in September 2022. First Deputy Director of Rostelecom DC, Yuri Samoilov, said there isn’t enough data center capacity to meet the growing demand from government and commercial companies. He added that the company’s data center campus in Moscow would help meet the demand in the market while also ensuring businesses have the capacity to develop digital projects on a secure and reliable technological base.

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