Rostelecom: Rostelecom opens data center in St. Petersburg, Russia

Jun 01, 2021 | Posted by Eric Bell

Rostelecom has announced the opening of its new data center in St. Petersburg, Russia. Besides, the new data center is a 4,000 square meter facility, and Rostelecom built it to Tier III standards. It has a power capacity of 7.4MW and a total capacity of 800 racks. In addition, Rostelecom said the data center would offer redundancy and disaster recovery services, hosting services, and cloud services.

CEO of Rostelecom, Pavel Kaplunov, noted that the new data center would expand the Company’s geo-distributed network of data centers in the northwest region. He also added that it would be a reference site in the same region. Besides, the Vice Governor of St. Petersburg, Stanislav Kazarin, also commented that the new data center would be filled up quickly as the city’s needs for storing data are constantly rising.