Rostelecom: Rostelecom merges 2 data center units

Jun 23, 2021 | Posted by Eric Bell

Rostelecom is merging its two data center business units, Rostelecom-DPC and DataLine, into one. It will be forming a new Company called DPC technology Center. The Company said the merger would see the new Company combine its experience in managing data centers.

In a statement issued by the Company, it said pooling resources to create one structural unit would help optimize the maintenance of the largest network of data centers in the whole of Russia. Rostelecom further added that it would increase efficiency and help serve customers better.

Yuri Samoilov, First Deputy General Director of Rostelecom Data Center, noted that the integration of processes in the newly formed unit is already in progress and that he could see progress. He further added that the Company had launched 1,500 new racks in Moscow and other regions since the merger.