: Rostelecom increases capacity of Yekaterinburg data center

Dec 01, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Rostelecom has increased the capacity of its Yekaterinburg data center in central Russia. The company revealed that it would be expanding the capacity of its facility on the Iset River in Sverdlovsk Oblast. With the new expansion, the facility has added an extra 216 racks and a total capacity of 2MW. 

The First Deputy General Director of Rostelecom DC, Yuri Samoilov, said there is a stable demand for data centers in the region. He noted that this is the reason why the company has decided to expand its facility. Samoilov revealed that the company would also be expanding to help customers in the Urals and Siberia later. Rostelecom has launched many data centers this year. It has also revealed its plans for a 55MW data center in Moscow, Russia.

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