IBM Cloud: Riken to deploy IBM quantum computer

May 01, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Japanese research institute Riken is set to deploy an IBM quantum computer at its facilities in Kobe. The quantum system – to be powered by a 133-qubit Heron processor – will be colocated and integrated with the organization’s existing Fugaku supercomputer. 

“Riken is committed to developing system software for quantum-HPC hybrid computing, by leveraging its comprehensive scientific research capabilities and experience in the development and operation of cutting-edge supercomputers, such as Fugaku,” said Dr. Mitsuhisa Sato, director, quantum HPC collaborative platform division, Riken Center for Computational Science.

“As the first quantum system that will directly connect with the Fugaku classical supercomputer, IBM's agreement with Riken marks a monumental milestone in the journey towards a future defined by quantum-centric supercomputing,” added Jay Gambetta, IBM fellow and VP, IBM quantum. “This work will advance the industry towards a modular and flexible architecture that combines quantum computation and communication with classical computing resources, so that both paradigms can work together to solve increasingly complex problems."