: Reliance Jio experiences nationwide outage across India

Jun 18, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Reliance Jio is experiencing a nationwide outage across India as customers are experiencing issues with mobile Internet services, Jio Fiber, and other Jio services.

"Metrics show a disruption to leading India Internet provider Reliance Jio (AS55836) affecting multiple regions, corroborating user reports of widespread outages," outage tracker NetBlocks said, pointing to issues in Punjab, Odisha, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, Delhi, Madya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Haryana, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and elsewhere.

Cloudflare Radar said: "Reliance Jio (AS55836) faced a nationwide disruption, starting at 07:45 UTC, with traffic dropping as much as 53 percent compared to the previous week. Recovery began at 08:30 UTC. Jio's BGP announcement volume first spiked at 07:45 UTC, then even higher at 08:15 UTC... BGP announcement spikes could indicate routing changes or a problem in Reliance Jio’s network that required new routes to be propagated."